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Catalog Spree's retail solutions make shopping fun again. Engage and inspire more customers with a number of offerings designed to work with and augment current marketing campaigns.
Retailers can create content for:


Getting their attention is easy, keeping it is hard. eSpree keeps customers excited about shopping on your website with embedded, "shoppable" catalogs and lookbooks. Integrate and deliver this custom content through targeted marketing and advertising initiatives.

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase consumer egagement
  • Increase response rates

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Spree Books

Inspiring more shoppers has never been easier. Our all-digital publication platform, Spree Studio, lets retailers frequently and quickly publish engaging custom lookbooks. Design lookbooks based on inventory needs, sales campaigns and marketing initiatives.

  • Effortless catalog creation with no need for existing print catalog
  • Expanded customer reach via distribution on multiple web, social and mobile channels
  • Easy and inexpensive entry into the catalog channel without traditional start-up costs

Digitized Print Catalogs

Extend the reach of traditional, print catalogs by turning them into digital, interactive engagement tools for current and prospective customers.

  • Give new life to existing print catalogs
  • Controlled look and feel

Catalog Spree + Google Ads

Distribute catalogs and lookbooks to 100+ million highly targeted shoppers through Lightbox rich media ads thanks to Catalog Spree's exclusive content partnership with Google. How it works:

  • Catalogs and lookbooks are embedded in a Google Lightbox Ad
  • Lightbox Ads begin as a static ad and expand into a full-screen, interactive catalog

These engaging advertisements offer a number of benefits, including:

  • New prospecting channel
  • Highly scalable and targeted outreach
  • Qualified users ensure you pay only when a user engages
  • Measurable results provide insight into which products are being browsed and purchased

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