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Catalog Spree Launches “Sofa Sunday,” the Nicer Alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 24th, 2011

Forget standing in line for hours on Black Friday, driving from store to store, or feverishly hunting the web from work for deals on Cyber Monday.

This year, Catalog Spree, the ultimate catalog shopping app for the iPad®, is giving consumers a chance to enjoy holiday shopping right from the comfort of their own homes. Sofa Sunday is the day to enjoy the convenience, fun and satisfaction of checking everyone off your shopping list—all while saving money!

According to a 2011 Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll, 51.2 million people plan to go gift-shopping on Black Friday, up 3% from last year, and adults will spend an average of 19 hours gift-hunting this holiday season. That means busier malls, fewer parking spots and long lines.

So why “Sofa Sunday”?

“Let’s face it, shopping at brick and mortar retail stores after Thanksgiving or shopping at work for deals is stressful for shoppers, who are already short on time,” said Joaquin Ruiz, CEO of Catalog Spree. “Our app offers a stress-free shopping experience that only requires three things: an index finger, a credit card, and an iPad®… a cozy pair of slippers or a piping hot cup of coffee are optional.”

With Catalog Spree, iPad® shoppers can enjoy deals from multiple retailers and a shareable sweepstakes program that invites consumers back to the app time and time again. The true joy of Sofa Sunday comes from the fact that dramatic savings in time, money and natural resources are now possible through this new way of shopping. Just:

  • Say “no” to 5.4 trips for holiday shopping, 20 hours in malls, 4 hours of waiting in line, $98 in lost wages and $25 for gas (all US averages).
  • Say “Yes” to Sofa Sunday instead and get some well-deserved rest after Thanksgiving!
  • Be “Green.” 20 billion printed catalogs are produced annually in the United States. Choose Catalog Spree and save an estimated 22.5 million trees.
  • Gift “Everyone!” Jewelry, fashion and more for Mom. Styles and gadgets for Dad. Toys and clothes for kids and teens.

Catalog Spree, the highest-rated catalog shopping app for the iPad®, lets consumers have fun and relax while holiday shopping. Whether you are looking for home décor, gadgets, gourmet food, toys, shoes, jewelry or clothing, Catalog Spree has something for you.

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